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2004-10-04 - 3:58 p.m.

Hello to all.

I koow it's been a bit, But My PC had to be fixed, and I am back as a school bus driver now and my time is so short. Jaime does not have A.N and now we have to take him to get more tests done...More and more test. Thats all Jaime gets is More test and still no one can tell me whats up with him.

He is so smart...The last set of school test done on him said he is way up well into first grade...but his speach is very low... that of a deaf child...Well DUHA...3 1/2 of his 5 years he was a deaf child...The Dr's say because of the loss he heard things in a differnt that he can hear " normale" he is having a hard time with all the new sounds. But what about the cloud that sets in on him from time to time. When that cloud comes in he becomes lost...He does not know whats going on around he is deaf again...but only for the few hours that cloud sets in. What is going on??? I need someone to tell me whats wrong and I feel like no Dr or test will or can tell me whats wrong with my child. I still pray to the Goddess for help..not for me but for Jaime...He needs her more.

Blessed be to all.

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